• In the name of God

    In the name of God

    A torrent of debate has ensued in professional workshops and newspaper columns alike in regard to Hungary’s new Constitution under preparation.

  • In praise of voluntary work

    In praise of voluntary work

    My girls attend a Catholic private school and the fees and other expenses that come along with this have been a considerable strain on our family budget.

  • What about the BBC?

    What about the BBC?

    I have not given the Hungarian press law a thorough reading and, since my mind is not exactly wired for legal codification, many of its passages are too complicated. At the same time, I do understand the essence of it.

  • Franc-phobia


    Several hundred thousand people are suffering because of the expensive Swiss franc and there is still no real solution. Some of the 200-billion-forint bank tax levied last year could have been used to treat the problem but now it would need close to a thousand billion.

  • A vow of celibacy

    A vow of celibacy

    There have never been so few new marriages and never as many children born to unmarried parents as in 2010. At least part of the reason for this can be attributed to people choosing to be single – and it is men rather than women who are opting for the single lifestyle.

  • A hazardous game of words
    World Affairs|01/03/2011

    A hazardous game of words

    There are probably hardly any European newspaper readers who have not come across reports in the press about the media law in Hungary.

  • Europe’s one-sidedness
    World Affairs|01/03/2011

    Europe’s one-sidedness

    EP representatives have criticised Hungary for building a kingdom, while there are already kingdoms in many European countries. Left-right wing opposition is just as strong in the European Union as it is in Hungary – says József Szájer.

  • Two yes votes

    Two yes votes

    It appears to have been decided: people who have just received dual citizenship will be granted the right to vote. This means that in 2014 Hungarians living in New York and Csíkszereda with no official domicile in Hungary will be able to vote in the elections.

  • Space physicist with double-bass
    Arts & Culture|14/02/2011

    Space physicist with double-bass

    It’s easier to be successful if somebody plays ”almost folk” music since few people stick to the authentic folk sound, claims Dániel Hamar, the founding member and double-bass player of the Muzsikás Ensemble. He says Hungarian folk music is very powerful and it even has the power to heal.

  • The charge: racism

    The charge: racism

    At the centre of the debate is the question of whether or not a member of a minority group can be convicted for the crime of racism if they attack somebody who belongs to the majority. The legal defence team believes that they can be, while the public prosecutor and the courts claim that they cannot. We attended the trial of the Sajóbábony Gypsies.


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